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Spirit Level

Spirit Level

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Introducing our cylinder spirit level - the ultimate level designed specifically for plumbers like you!

  • Cylinder spirit level with size 15mm to fit seamlessly into standard pipe couplings.

  • Conveniently integrated bit holder on the side, allowing you to effortlessly transform the level into a screwdriver when needed.

  • Despite its rugged construction, the level weighs a mere 40g, making it lightweight and compact for easy storage in your pocket.

  • An indispensable companion for installing T-pipes and angles, ensuring perfect balance and accurate angles.

  • Equipped with a powerful magnet for quick and effortless attachment to metallic surfaces.

We value your feedback! Your input is crucial as we continuously strive to improve our products to meet the specific needs of plumbers.

Experience the advantage of precision, flexibility, and user-friendliness with our specially designed cylinder spirit level.

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